About Us

We work with people ...

Who are open to more purpose, passion and joy
in the everyday living of their life.

People who are eager to discover how to live
with more vitality, fulfillment and connection 
regardless of their age.

People open to seeing that how we live is a choice.  Not a fate.

That’s who we serve.

Because we are committed to choosing better ways to live every moment we have.

My story

If we met over coffee, I’d likely introduce myself as Margaret.  Or Margie.

And if we met at a professional event, I’d be prompted to introduce myself as Dr. Margaret Robling.

Both are true.  Both are me.

There is the ‘me’ that loves walking and the Arts, enjoys all kinds of music (from symphonies and opera to folk music to dance music) and thrills at meeting people of different ages from different backgrounds.  

The ‘me’ that enjoys ethnic dinners with my husband (who is in his early 90’s), takes our 85+ pound labradoodle, Hershey, to the park and loves to travel – to Beijing, Tibet, Istanbul, Morocco, Paris, London and even just around the block.  

And the ‘me’ that recently turned 78 and has thrived even after the challenges of two hip replacement surgeries, back surgery and recurrent skin melanomas.

How I handle it all – 

The up’s, down’s and in-between’s – 

Has continued to be a choice.

And that choice has been determined by the mindset I bring every single day.

There is also the ‘me’ that has practiced medicine
as a psychiatrist for more than 30 years … but who felt on the fringe because I started medical school later in life.

The ‘me’ that has been honored to work with students at a major tech university with an international student body, with people of all ages at a community-centered practice serving a wide cross-section of a bustling urban setting and with patients in my own thriving private practice.

And the ‘me’ that endlessly reads medical articles, attends conferences on a diverse range of health care topics, and puts into practice the theories, findings and insights not only from traditional medicine but also from what is considered allied fields and alternative practices.

Through it, I discovered from a professional perspective as a board certified physician how important choice is.

We can’t change the fact that we all age.

But we can change how we age.

To do so, we have to change our mindset.

Because when we change our mindset, we change our age.

And that has the power to give each of our moments here on earth new life. 

Our Story

That photo is of me.  

And while I’m shown here alone, I’m not alone in this work.

I’m navigating this Movement with a team of very talented people.

Together, they share their genius to make the magic of this work … 

Well … less work and more magic.

We’ll share more here (including some photos) as our story together unfolds.

But remember …

Just like is true for me and my work here …

Don’t do this important life’s work alone.

One of the core concepts in changing how we age is changing how we approach the aging process. 

And the research shows that we all do better when we age with greater connection and companionship.

So join me.  

Let’s embrace a wildly different way to age.

Till we meet online, at one of our events, or in person … 

Remember each day …

Change your mindset. Change your age.